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WF4 Downlight

WF4 Downlight

Downlights are recessed light fixtures installed in hollow openings, usually in ceilings. Downlights look as if they are part of the ceiling, rather than hanging down. Shredz Electric has downlights in various styles and voltages.



The TWR LED offers a popular, classic appearance with its refracted lens. TWR LED is ideal for outdoor applications such as carports, loading areas, driveways and parking areas. Shredz Electric has TWR LED lights in a variety of styles and voltages.

Homeline Loadcentres

Homeline Loadcenter

After entering a structure, incoming electrical current goes to a loadcentre. This provides circuit control and overcurrent protection. Shredz Electric offers Homeline loadcentres, which are designed for fast installation, reliability, and superior circuit protection.

LED Lighting

LED LIghting

LED lights are more efficient at turning energy into light than other types of light bulbs. Therefore, less of the energy radiates from the bulb as heat. Shredz Electric offers a wide variety of LED lights that are suitable for the home and office.

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